Do Speeding tickets affect your insurance?

Posted by Naomi Wehby

No one wants to get a speeding ticket, yet it continues to be the most common traffic infraction in Canada year after year. Why? For many people, they simply do not give themselves enough time to get to their destination and resort to speeding to make up the time, and others have this misconception that getting a speeding ticket is nothing to worry about.

True, a minor speeding ticket will likely not be a high stress occurrence, but even a small speeding ticket could:

  • Increase in your insurance rates
  • Lead to fines
  • Cost you demerit points

One thing is for sure though; receiving multiple speeding tickets will increase your insurance rates, even if they are minor infractions. Getting a serious speeding ticket (such as 50km over the limit) will definitely increase your insurance rates and could get your in some serious legal troubles as well.

Keep in mind that your decision to pay your speeding ticket is an admission of guilt. If you are going to dispute the ticket, make sure to get some legal counsel.  If you pay, the infraction will go on your driving record.

“If you have been caught for speeding in the past, when it comes time to renew your auto insurance policy always be totally upfront with your insurance company about past speeding tickets,” says Glenn Cooper from Aviva Canada.  “If your insurance company checks your motor vehicle report and find you have not disclosed previous tickets, your rates will likely go up, a claim may be denied or your policy could be cancelled.”

Slow down, make the roads safer, and reduce your chance of getting a ticket. Speeding tickets can and will impact your auto insurance rates. A conviction free driving record may qualify you for a reduction of your insurance premium. So, think before you decide to speed. Being five minute late could save you money, stress and time down the road. This article is for general informational purposes only. More detailed information is available from your insurance broker.