Recreational Vehicle Insurance


You are not legally required to insure your boat. However, if you are financing the purchase of your boat, the lender will most often require insurance coverage listing them as a loss payee to cover their interest in your boat. In addition, most marinas now insist that boaters maintain insurance on their boats when mooring them at the marina.

Motorhome / RV / Trailer Insurance

Your insurance needs for your RV will vary widely, depending on what you buy and what you intend to use it for. If you’re considering taking the plunge this spring or summer, it’s important to research your insurance options and costs before making a down payment on an RV, since the cost and limits of insurance may influence what you decide to buy. Your first call should be to your broker to find out what RV insurance they carry and at what cost.


Insurance is not required while being driven on the private property of the snowmobile’s owner. Otherwise, snowmobiles are almost always an add-on to an existing auto policy and require the same minimum coverages.


If you drive an ATV on public roadways, it’s mandatory to carry insurance. Whether you’re using your ATV for hunting, fishing or exploring trails, we have the coverage you need. ATVs are usually added to your existing auto policy though a standalone policy can be purchased.

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